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SEM-EDS Analysis
Correlative Microscopy, Filter-Handling, PSE operating modes, Spectra and Material Databases

JOMESA PSE: Material Analysis

In the first step the recorded spectrum is analyzed and the elements which are in the compound are identified.

The material from which this spectrum is originated, can be determined by two methods:

Method A: By comparing the spectrum with stored spectra in a reference spetra database
Method B: By extracting the percentage of each element in the compound and

Method A:
JOMESA PSE allows to generate a reference spectra database, where spectra of known compounds can be stored.

Method B:
JOMESA PSE allows to generate an alloy datatbase, where each compound is characterized by its mass element content.
For instance Corundum is defined when the mass percentage of Al is between 40 and 60 percent and the mass percentage of O is above 40%
The element database can be modified by experienced users and adapted to specific situtations: