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SEM-EDS Analysis
Correlative Microscopy, Filter-Handling, PSE operating modes, Spectra and Material Databases

JOMESA PSE: Material Analysis

JOMESA PSE offers 3 operation modes:

1. Manual Mode:
JOMESA PSE system uses the optical JOMESA HFD data to analyze selected "interesting" particles, by taking SEM pictures and making EDS analysis.

2. Correlative size-dependent Mode:

In this mode JOMESA PSE system uses the result of the optical (JOMESA HFD) system to analyze automatically particle classes. For instance, one can direct the system to make EDS analysis of all metallic particles > 400 µm.

The result can be displayed in several ways: One of the possible ways is to generate a 2 dimensional alloy-size map:

3. SEM Filter Analysis Mode

In this mode selected areas of the filter (or the complete filter) is scanned and images are taken with the BSE detector: Nonorganic particles appear bright against dark organic filter background.

By image analysis these particles are detected and evaluated by size and from every particle an EDS spectrum is taken.

After size evaluation and EDS analysis the particles are sorted by size and compound (alloys).
The two-dimensional size-alloy map can be configurated freely as is appropriate for the application.