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About us

Product statements:

JOMESA is the world market leader in microscopic filter analysis systems (Cleanliness Analysis).
Technical cleanliness and oil cleanliness are specialized, but rapidly expanding fields of metrology.
Supporting facts of our success are our innovation, high vertical range of manufacturing and consistency in product development.

Most hardware components are manufactured inhouse by modern CNC 3 and 5 axis milling machines and CNC turning machines.

Our proprietary image processing software, PicEd, has been in constant development and improvement since 1987. All algorithms are programmed completely by JOMESA.
Only few companies are grounded on such stable basis.

(JOMESA Meßsysteme GmbH) is headquartered in Ismaning (Munich) Germany

All subsidiaries are 100% owned by JOMESA GmbH.
As it is our belief that competent after-sales support is guaranteed only by JOMESA employees.

JOMESA North America Inc, Troy (Detroit)


JOMESA Measurement System (China) Co. Ltd.
with service points in Chendu (Central China) and Foshan (South China)

JOMESA Measurement
System (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


JOMESA Korea Co. Ltd.., Hwaseong (Seoul)

JOMESA Japan K.K., Tokyo

JOMESA do Brasil Ltda., Sao Paulo

Economic situation:
Last years continuously showed an increase in all relevant economic numbers (turnover, profit etc.).
In 20
23 JOMESA generated a turnover of 35 Mio. EUR.

We are proud, that we have a low turnover of staff. Most of our employees expect to work with JOMESA until they retire.
This fact supports our growth in a rapidly expanding field.

In 2023 approximately 100 people work for JOMESA.

Our main product portfolio:

Optical and electron microscope systems for filter analysis (cleanliness analysis, oil cleanliness analysis)
Filtermounts and filterachiving accessories
Lasercut mesh filters (PET and Polyamid)
Particle Traps
Image analysis software for interferometers, birefringence

History of JOMESA

Exhibitions: Parts2Clean (Stuttgart, Germany)