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About us: JOMESA History


The company was founded by Dr. Johann Metzger in Munich, city center. Started in a rented office space of approx. 100 m2

First in-house development was PicEd Software Version 1.0 (DOS operating system). The software used imported video digitizer 'Eyegrabber' to digitize and edit video images

In the first years main applications of PicEd Software was image re-touching, as revealed by its naming:
Picture Editor.

IBM PC video board: Eyegrabber


PicEd Version 5.0 (Windows operating system)
The focus of applications has shifted from image re-touching to image analysis.
Customer requirements point the way to manufacture measuring systems.

Although the main applications of the software changed, the name was kept.


Change legal form to JOMESA Meβsysteme GmbH
JOMESA GmbH employed 6 people in its first year.


First inquiries whether PicEd system can also count particles on filters.

We realized quickly that a compilation of the components (microscope, scanning stage, camera, illumination) does not provide satisfactory results. Users required a turn-key system that works simply and reliably.

The question of whether the "particle count system" has sufficient potential to justify the considerable effort in software and hardware was decided with “yes”.

Failed attempt to cope with filter analysis


The first automatic filter analysis system is delivered to a manufacturer of diesel injection components.

JOMESA HFD1 filter analysis system


JOMESA is the first manufacturer to introduce the evaluation on the overall scan.
Individual images are taken via motorized scanning and assembled into one large image. This overall picture is then saved and evaluated.

With this method all competitive approximation methods have become obsolete.


After much deliberation, JOMESA decides to participate in the first parts2clean show in Germany as an exhibitor.
- A very lucky decision !

For many years, JOMESA remained the only manufacturer of filter analysis system at the parts2clean.


JOMESA is the first manufacturer to introduce Particle Standards as a system component. We remained the sole manufacturer for many years.

Nowadays particle standards are mandatory components of all filter analysis systems.


The industrial standard VDA Vol. 19 is released, JOMESA participated as a correction reader for the analytical sections.

VDA Vol. 19 had an enourmous impact on industrial cleanliness industry.


A patent for the automatic metal/non-metal detection (motorized polarization) method was filed for and granted in Germany after only 12 months.
The US patent took longer, and was granted in 2010.


The space in the city center has become too small despite additional rental of space.
JOMESA moves to the northern outskirts of Munich, Ismaning, and leased approximately 700m² of office and production space.


JOMESA HFD3, third generation of High Focal Depth was introduced.
This very successful model was installed in more than 1000 laboratories.

Start of CNC production.
JOMESA started to develop and manufacture precision scanning stages, ringlights and motorized polarizations, which are essential parts in filter analysis systems.


First system for the cleanliness analysis of oils (MAT3) was delivered.

First foreign subsidiary established: JOMESA North America Inc.


Filter archiving required a decision:
So far JOMESA bought slide mounts from Gepe and reselled it.
As the demand for slide mounts declines, the price for the product rised to an unacceptable level.
Therefore JOMESA decided to develop and manufacture filter mounts (FR60X60).
To meet the requirements for cleanliness, a Class 7 Cleanroom was established for production.

Establishment of JOMESA do Brasil in Sao Paulo


JOMESA Measurement System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Cleanliness of filters is a genuine challenge.
JOMESA was faced with the problem how to guarantee the cleanliness of the filters themself. Because none of the manufacturers of filters adressed this problem, JOMESA decided to produce filters.
Purchased fabric is cleaned and laser-cut in class 7 cleanrooms.

Establishment of JOMESA Korea in Yongin (Seoul)

Establishment of JOMESA Japan in Tokyo


Introduction of HFD4, 4th generation of High Focal Depth Zoom-Stereomicroscopes



Rented office and production space has increased to approximately 2,500m², and the number of employees at the Ismaning location has risen to approximately 50.

In order to facilitate future production expansions, a 3,300m² plot with production hall has been purchased in Ismaning.


Market introduction of JOMESA Scanning Electronic Microscope with EDS sensor (SEM-EDS) and precision piezo scanning stage: JOMESA PSE

To ensure further expansion in China a 13,000 m² plot is bought in Taicang (north of Shanghai), China.


JOMESA is an accredited calibration lab according ISO 17025.