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All Filter-Mount products are manufactured in a certified cleanroom of class 7.

JOMESA Filter Mounts FR60x60 for cleanliness analysis, permanent storage of filters.

JOMESA filter mounts consist of a plastic backside and glass cover on the frontside. The backside can be used for information.
Filter membranes vary in thickness and must be underlayed by a paper to prevent slipping. This paper underlay is helpful also for centering the filter.

The glass frames are washed in an industrial washing machine, and dried in a HEPA filtered air flow. After washing and drying the Filter-Mounts are assembled in a class 7 cleanroom.

JOMESA Slide-Mounts JD60x60

JOMESA Slide-Mounts have 2 glass frames.
The glass frames are washed in an industrial washing machine, and dried in a HEPA filtered air flow.
After washing and drying the slide-mounts are assembled in a class 7 cleanroom.
The slide-mounts are packed in a double PE cover.
To ensure cleanroom handling, one lifts the inner PE packing outside the cleanroom and transports the inner packing into the cleanroom.
Thus contamination by transport and carton packing does not enter a cleanroom.

JOMESA SEM Filter-Mounts SEM60x60
Measuring (nonconducting) filtermembranes in a SEM leads to charging of particles. Due to charging particles may jump away during measurement.
JOMESA developed a patented method (US 11,318,727 B2 and DE 10 2018 121 948 B4) for fixating particles in SEM analysis.

Fixation solution

Apply fixation solution

Place filter

Place upper protective cover

SEM filter mounts consist of a bottom glass pane (onto which the filter is placed) with 2 markers. The markers are visible in an optical as well as in a SEM microscope .
y measuring the position of the markers in optical and SEM microscope before actual measuring the filter, the coordinate system of both microscopes is synchronized and the position of particles on the filter relative to the marker are determined.

This procedure is the basis of correlative microscopy.
Correlative Microscopy means: S
canning and evaluation the filter on an optical microscope (which is quick) and then evaluating the "interesting" particles in a SEM-EDS system. Therefore avoiding the very long lasting full scan in the SEM.

The upper protective glass cover has a spacer that increases the distance between filter and upper glass cover. The spacer ensures that no particles contact the upper glass.
Outside of the bottom glas a foil is attached, where information about the filter can be written.



Description (PU = Packing Unit)

JOMESA Filter Mounts
1 PU = 20 Filter Mounts
(Order No. FR60x60)

JOMESA Slide-Mounts
1 PU = 20 Slide-Mounts
(Order No. JD60x60)

1 PU = 16 SEM-Mounts
(Order No. SEM60x60)

Fixation Solution used for product SEM60x60

JOMESA Fixation Solution for SEM-Mounts
1 PU = 25ml
(Order No. FSACR1)

All paper underlays for products FR60x60, JD60x60

Paper underlay with 51mm circle.1PU = 100 pcs.
(Order No. DRPJ51)

Paper underlay with 49mm circle.1PU = 100 pcs.
(Order No. DRPJ49)

Paper underlay with 47mm circle.1PU = 100 pcs.
(Order No. DRPJ47)

Paper underlay with 25mm circle.1PU = 100 pcs.
(Order No. DRPJ25)

Other sizes of circle diameter on request.

Transparency sheet for 9 Filter Mounts. 1 PU = 10 pcs.
(Order No. DRK92)

(35mm height) for transparency sheets.
(Order No. DRO2)