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Particle Traps contain a sticky surface, which "traps" particles falling onto it. Particle Traps are used to measure environment pollution.
Cleanliness (blank value) of JOMESA particle traps are specified and regularly controlled.

The bottom part of JOMESA particle trap SPT60x60 contains 2 markers. The markers are visible in an optical microscope as well as in a SEM.

By measuring the position of the markers in optical and SEM microscope before actual measuring the trap, the coordinate systems of both microscopes are synchronized and the position of particles on the trap relative to the markers are determined.

This procedure is the basis of correlative microscopy.
Correlative Microscopy means: S
canning and evaluation the trap on an optical microscope (which is quick) and then evaluating "interesting" particles in SEM-EDS. Therefore avoiding the very long lasting full scan in SEM.

Particle trap glass cover with a „spacer“ that increases the distance between particle trap and upper glass cover. The spacer ensures that no particles contact the upper glass.

JOMESA Particle Trap SPT-QR

SPT-QR Particle traps contain an unique QR Code on each trap. Thus automatic processing without handwritting marks or labelling is achieved.