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ccessories for JOMESA filter analysis systems

JOMESA Filter Analysis: Holder for Filtermembranes and Particle Traps

Filterholder for standard filtermembranes (diameter up to 50mm)

Filtermembrane below glass cover

Easy and quick fixating tool for filtermembranes

After drying, filtermembranes are no more flat. However each microscopic system is limited in focal depth. Even HFD (High Focal Depth) systems cannot cope with height variations of mm size.
On our standard filterholder, a glass cover is placed above the filtermembrane to flatten it. This also ensures that the filter will not slip during measurement.
When removing the glass cover, particles from the membran will stick to the glass: The particle content of the membrane is altered and therefore this membrane cannot be measured again..

Drum stretch filterholders

This type of filterholders flattens the membrane and secures it against slipping. By a smart mechanical trick the membrane is clamped and stretched on this holder (similar to a skin on a drum). Therefore a glass cover is not neccessary and the membrane can be transported to other analysis instruments (e.g. REM-EDX)

Drumstretch for optical HFD applications: Filtermembrane background is plastic, thus mesh filters can be evaluated without background interferences.

Drum stretch for single stages

6fold drum stretch for 6-fold stage

Drum stretch MAT3 design

4fold drum stretch for MAT3 system

Holder for particle traps

Particle traps are used to determine the cleanliness of (production) environment. Basically a particle trap is a sticky surface.
In its original (delivery) state, the sticky surface is covered by a protection foil or paper. When exposing the particle trap to an environment, this cover is removed. From that moment on, all particles falling on this sticky surface are trapped. After exposure time, the trap is again covered by a protection plastic cover.
The particle trap is then inserted into the particle trap holder and analyzed on the JOMESA HFD system.

Particle trap in a petri dish before exposure

After exposure time the trap is covered

Particle trap on particle trap holder for JOMESA HFD system (protection cover is removed during analysis)

Filterholder for large filtermembranes

Filterholder up to 90mm filters

Filterholder up to 142mm filters (needs 4 stage or 6 stage,
134mm evaluable)